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Networking Luncheon with Anthony Browne, Geneva, Tuesday, 1.3.2016
Anthony Browne

You are cordially invited to

a Networking Luncheon with Anthony Browne
Chief Executive Officer of the British Bankers' Association

who will bring us up to date on the nature of balance in the current regulatory agenda, the prospects for an internationally harmonized approach, a new settlement for banks which are internationally active and on the role of proportionality

on Tuesday, 1 March 2016, 11:45 - 14:00

in Geneva

organised by the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce of which the Swiss LSE Alumni Association is a corporate member

Dress: Business

Our Twitter Hashtag for this event: #SLSEAAodier

If you are a member of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association, you can attend the event as a BSCC member under the steeply discounted member price! For step-by-step instructions on how to book as a SLSEAA-sponsored BSCC member, refer to the description of our 19th member benefit.

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