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UK Election Special, London and Geneva, Thursday, 7.5.2015
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The UK Election is coming up on 7 May. It will be the most seismic General Election for a generation. The School is providing expert analysis and insight, and the SLSEAA is offering access to an election event in Switzerland.

Will Nicola and her brave Scots conduct a successful raid on London? Will Ed's oddness propel him to lead an ununited kingdom? Will Nigel have miscalculated and expel himself from the country? Will Leanne and Natalie end up in the Who's Who of Who's That? Will David continue to roam 10 Downing Street only to be replaced by Boris in 5 years? Will his sidekick, Nick, wish that he had opposed the raising of uni tuition fees?

Leaving aside your SecGen's political zingers, this General Election will determine the future role of the UK within the European Union and beyond, and decide how the Queen's realm with its constituent nations will evolve in the coming decades.

The School will stay open during election night. A panel of 22 LSE experts will provide live commentary on the results and the future direction of UK public policy starting at 20:30 BST (21:30 CEST) in the New Academic Building. A live webcast will be available.

If you have the right to vote, visit the School's Democratic Dashboard service for instant and comprehensive election information about your constituency, the parties and who is standing.

In Switzerland, at an early morning breakfast in Geneva, an expert panel will discuss the results and their significance with a backdrop of live TV feeds from the UK. Use our 19th member benefit to access the event.

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