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The Annual Reunion and General Meeting, Eglisau, Saturday, 27.6.2015: Programme, New Officers, Minutes, State of the Association, Financial Report and "Schoolgate"
  1. The Secretary General opens the General Meeting at approximately 20:15, welcoming the assembled Members to a fully packed meeting agenda. 6 Ordinary Members and a guest are present. 64 Members exclused themselves because they have other engagement on the evening.
  2. Member Alex Radzyner, who attends with a lawyer as a guest, makes a first point of order: Motions 6 a-d should not be voted on at this General Meeting. Alex states, as an explicit quote to be included in these minutes, that whereas "Martin [Last (a past Treasurer)] is irreproachable in regard to the financial accounts", the reports of the external auditors have not been presented on time and in an understandable language. The Secretary General responds that the external auditors made a great effort so that the reports for the stated years are complete and ready to be presented at this General Meeting and that the language of the external auditors is German, one of the official languages of Switzerland. The point of order passes with 2 in favor and the rest of the present Members abstaining. As a result, Motions 6 a-d are postponed to the General Meeting 2016.
  3. Member Alex Radzyner makes a second point of order: The "Schoolgate" discussion should proceed all General Meeting motions. The point of order passes with 2 in favor and the rest of the present Members abstaining.
  4. The discussion on "Schoolgate" moves through each of the five reasons given by the School as the basis for "de-recognizing" respectively not supporting the Association and as addressed in the Association's postal letter dated 28 October 2014. The School's first written communication dated 8 December 2014 is also shown again. During the discussion, Members state facts, give ideas, field questions, make accusations and receive explanations. The lawyer, as the guest of Member Alex Radzyner but not himself a Member, also speaks frequently. A Member queries whether it is proper for a Non-Member to use up the speaking time of Members.
  5. Upon conclusion of the discussion on "Schoolgate", the Secretary General Meeting moves on the Motions submitted.
  6. The Secretary General presents his report on the State of the Association, touching upon the still growing membership, the expanded reach within the national constituency, the events and activities in the past and upcoming 12 months, the new benefits and services, the membership administration and the continuing huge problem with unpaid dues, the related unserviced liquidity loan, the scholarships project and the Web transition project. Members approve his report as Motion 1 with two abstentions.
  7. As neither a Treasurer's nor an Events Officers' Report have been received for publication prior to and oral presentation at this General Meeting, Motions 2 and 3 are not voted on.
  8. The Secretary General presents a list of Members, who fall under the Expulsion Policy of the Association as adopted by Members assembled in General Meeting in 2013. Members approve Motion 4 with two "No" votes, expelling those Members from the Association on 27 June 2015.
  9. The Secretary General introduces the candidate for external auditors, Caminada Treuhand AG Zug. Members approve Motion 5, appointing the firm as the Association's external auditors for the term-of-office 2015 to 2017.
  10. As the financial accounts 2014 have not been submitted to the external auditors prior to this General Meeting, Motions 7 a-c are not voted on.
  11. This year's call for volunteers, starting on 20 February, for Officerships has been answered by three Members. The Secretary General presents a short profile of Jane Royston, who is running for Events Officer, replacing Raffaele Petrone, and who could not be present at this General Meeting. Leyla Baghirzade, who is also running for Events Officer, replacing Gil Shidlo, personally introduces herself.
  12. Upon the request of Member Gil Shidlo to vote on each Officer candidate separately, the election results are as follows: Marcel Bigger is re-appointed Secretary General for the 2015 to 2017 term of office with two "No" votes. Jane Royston is appointed Events Officer, replacing Raffaele Petrone for the rest of his term of office, with two abstentions. Leyla Baghirzade is appointed Events Officer, replacing Gil Shidlo for the rest of his term of office, with the two abstentions. Marcel and Leyla are congratulated on their appointments. According to Article 3, Section 1, of the Articles of Association, the resignations of Raffaele and Gil become effective at this General Meeting.
  13. The Secretary General closes the General Meeting at approximately 23:30.

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