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Yes, I want to enjoy the benefits of membership!

Members: Non-Members:
Membership dues in 1st year
when joining between 1 January and 30 June
SFr 40 -
Membership dues in 1st year
when joining between 1 July and 31 December
All of your fellow members donate money to pay half of your dues.
SFr 20 -
Membership dues in subsequent years
SFr 40 -
Membership dues for members, who refer 8 new members
All of your fellow members donate money to pay your dues for the next 2 years. Multiple 2-year periods can be accumulated.
SFr 0 -
Enhance the worldwide profile of your alma mater by contributing to the worldwide network of independent and autonomous national membership associations of LSE alumnae and alumni Yes No
Support students from Switzerland and Liechtenstein Yes No
Membership journal "Foreign Affairs" Yes No
Career Development Mentoring Programme Yes No
Collective health insurance cover Yes No
Personal invitations to alumni events and activities mailed to you? For all events and activities For all events and activities
Event admission? Privileged If places available
Attendee contribution to event costs?
The Association organizes more than 10 events annually.
None to low None to high
Special member terms for all events of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce Yes No
Use "JobAgent" to empower the search for your next professional challenge Free Premium Account Not eligible
Expand your professional network through our private LinkedIn group Eligible to access Not eligible
Specialized recruitment services for supervisory board appointments Eligible Not eligible
Overnight accommodation at the Royal Scots Club in Edinburgh, the Association's base in Scotland Eligible Not eligible
Special subscription rates for "The Economist" weekly Eligible to apply Not eligible
Special subscription rates for "The Global Policy Journal" Eligible to apply Not eligible
Discounted bespoke tailoring in the English tradition Eligible Not eligible
Eligible to apply for other membership benefits? Yes No
Letters-of-introduction upon request? Yes, issued free-of-charge No
Right to vote or to be elected? Yes No


Article 2, Section 1, of the Articles of Association: "The Association shall be composed of Members. All graduates of the School in addition to current and former students and members of staff of the School can become Ordinary Members of the Association. Other persons may become Associate Members of the Association. A Member may be elected Honorary Member."

Last updated: Friday, 15 December 2015

Yes, I want to enjoy the benefits of membership!

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